Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Hello Again March 6, 2018

Here  I am again, and February is over. My goal was to post twice a month on the blog while we are at home. I missed one in February. So to catch up - Feb 15th we went to OKC and got 2 new tires on the front of the pickup and got it aligned. Then we went to the Apple store at Penn Square Mall and I checked on a new battery for my iPhone 6. That is a process - they take your name and number, etc. then set up a time for Apple to call you back, which happened in the evening. Then the battery is ordered. It is March the 6th and I still have not heard when the battery will arrive and be installed. Also on this day Steve had an MRI of his head and neck. This one took a long time almost 1.5 hours because they did it with and without contrast.  We did not have to wait long for them to take him back - but the process took awhile.  Friday the 16th brought about banking and also I renewed our Escapees membership - good for another year. Neither one of us felt great- so we took it easy in the afternoon. 
Saturday the 17th of February - we got our new bed delivered! It has an adjustable base and vibration. It came with a remote! 

Sunday we watched the Olympics - we have been watching them most every night. We also drove up the interstate 10 miles to see if I could access Highway 412 for my Monday driver. The exit is available - just tricky, so I am good to go! Monday was a workday - did that.
Tuesday was cold, cloudy and starting to get icy. I attended to phone calls and scheduling eye and dermatologist appointments. We ate supper with Linda & Hazel.  Wednesday we went to Stillwater to the Dermatologist to get a "wisdom" (Age) Spot checked on my cheek, we also did Walmart, the Post Office and H & R Block  (picked up our completed return).  The US Postal Service has something called Informed Delivery - they email you what is in your PO Box - that way you know if there is something important in your mail.  It is working great! This should help us when we travel. We also had a nice lunch at Panera Bread while we were in Stillwater. 
Thursday brought cold and rainy weather - some places even had ice -so we stayed put at home. Friday was a day to pay bills and be happy - because we got our income tax return. Steve worked on his new backup camera most of Saturday and Sunday, I assisted where I could.
Monday, Feb. 26th was my last day at Integris Bass Baptist Health Center (Hospital). I have retired officially. The day went by pretty fast and I was ready to leave - but found out I needed to wait a bit - they had a great cake and retirement send off for me in our Nutrition Department.  

Retirement Cake!

The PA from OKC VA called to inform us of the results of Steve's MRI - mostly no change in his Multiple Sclerosis - except there are lesions in his neck - not sure we knew that previously. Plus he has degenerative changes there also (arthritis- I guess). They also found something on his Right thyroid that they will order an ultrasound  to see. This will probably require another trip to OKC for that test. I hope we pass all our tests so we can travel!  LOL The new Braum's opened in Perry - so we ate a hamburger there because Linda & Hazel weren't available.  On the last day of February (28th) we went to Stillwater and I purchased a new iPhone 8 and got that set up. Steve will get the iPhone 6 with a new battery, if and when that battery arrives and is installed. We also did our weekly Walmart run! No surprise there - we must be keeping them in business. I checked in with the museum  here at Perry and they don't need me to volunteer at this time. They will keep my contact information and let me know when and if they need my services. 

March is National Nutrition Month!  Go Further with Food!

Next up is March - It is already the 6th of March and I don't think we have done anything exciting! We walked a few days, did banking, watched OK State Basketball and chilled.  Sunday we cooked out hamburgers on the grill outside. Cooking them outside just always makes them taste better! I also roasted some more cauliflower in the oven and we had a nice supper. The weather was gray, but we didn't let that bother us! 
So yesterday - was the first time in a while that I have not gone to work on Monday! We did laundry and made phone calls, trying to get things set up or changed. We changed Steve's May appointments in order to head out to Montana sooner if they choose us for the volunteer position we applied for.  I called the park ranger at Flathead Lake yesterday and told her we could arrive on May 14th for the orientation, since we were able to change the VA appointments. She said she is still checking references and interviewing people. We wish this would get settled soon, because if she doesn't pick us - then we will look for another opportunity.  We ordered some different bedding for our new bed and it all arrived on Monday  - so we put on the new sheets and bedspread. I also got a foam mattress topper and after Steve tried it - he said to order one for him! Today is Tuesday and Steve  got his hair cut and we will go out to eat with the girls tonight! I will try to keep you posted about the preparations to travel.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

I left off at the end of January and now it is Valentine's Day! The time does fly! We have been taking care of business and changing some things around. On the 1st day of February we attended the 8th grade girls basketball game here in Perry. They played Hennessey and my co-worker also came to the game because her boy was playing against the Perry 7th grade boys. So we got to see several kids we know play basketball.
Perry 8th Grade Girls BB

Final Score - Perry Girls
I also submitted my continuing education log to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. That chore is done and I am good on my RD status until 2020. Friday the 2nd day of February - we paid bills, I got my hair color corrected and we went to Arkansas City to watch my nephew play basketball - he is a Junior.


Sunset near Ark City

Sunset near Ark City

Logan -Soccer
Spectating at sporting events dominated the week because on Saturday - we went to Oklahoma City and watched Logan (our grandson) play Soccer.

Then Sunday we vegged out and watched the Super Bowl! Great fun! We were kind of root for Philadelphia since they were the underdogs and they pulled it off.
On Monday, Feb 5th I officially turned in my retirement letter to my boss - I will finish February and then take my early retirement seriously.
 Tuesday - we met with the financial advisor to get adjusted.  Wednesday brought shopping at Lowe's and Walmart.  On Thursday we drove to Tulsa and watched Parker and his team play another great basketball game. We also talked to Amy Grout - Flathead State Park Ranger from Montana. We put in our application to be camphosts, so we may be headed to Montana about the middle or end of May.  Friday, Steve busied himself with the light on the camper topper. The switch was not right and he fixed it.  Over the week-end we watched the Olympics and were wowed!
Monday was Linda's birthday (my stepdaughter) so I sent her a message and we celebrated on Tuesday at La Macarena. On my way to work Monday (one of my few remaining days) I got all the way to the 412 exit to head west to Enid and the exit was graded to dirt and closed! I had to drive another 10 miles north to the Billings exit and then head west on highway 15 and then south to Garber down 74 til I met up with 412 again. That added 20 miles to my commute! When I returned home on Monday - I went through Covington and Lucien. I found out there is a big solar farm north of Covington  that I had not seen.  And at the exit to go to Billings - the truck stop had added a dog park - which I did not get a great picture of - I must return and get a better picture.  Here is the bad picture.

Tuesday was another productive day. We got our taxes done and did our grocery shopping. Then we celebrated Linda's birthday!

And today is Valentine's Day - So far we got the tag on the pickup renewed and changed the oil in it.
Not sure what else the day will bring.
Check in later to find out more.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January Wrap - Up

Today is Tuesday, January 30, 2018 and it is Plan for Your Vacation Day! Well we have been doing some planning for a spring RV Trip and a trip for this summer.  I am planning to stop working after February this year! Then we will not just be planning vacations, we will continue to plan long trips.  This summer we may head back East- plans made in jello  so far.
Our travel goals include seeing the lower 48 and hopefully Alaska and Hawaii. We also have a desire to see all the National Parks!
When I last blogged, we were headed to Amarillo to help Steve's sister celebrate her birthday. We had a nice trip - just took the pickup, the dogs and stayed in a hotel. We definitely prefer RV travel over hotels - it is just so much easier. But it is good to change things up sometimes! One thing that is better about driving the pickup versus the RV - is that you can drive the speed limit! And the speed limit in Texas is 75mph!  WOW, it made the drive a lot faster.

Texas Rest Stop
The Huge Cross and 12 Stations of the Cross at Groom, TX

Bales of Cotton

We took Irene out to supper at Applebee's the first night and would not return there. We had the nicest waitress, but the service was extremely slow! And it was a week night - not the week-end. The next night we ate at Texas Roadhouse and it was Excellent as usual. The only downfall there is the noise level is so high. We also shared an ice cream cake! Yum!
Irene & Steve 

We had a very safe trip and stopped in El Reno to see the kids and Kristi. We had pizza at her place, then she rode home with us and is borrowing my car for awhile, until her vehicle gets fixed or replaced.
On Saturday, Jan 20, 2018 - I spent a lot of time on the computer entering my continuing education credits. As a Registered Dietitian - I must obtain 75 hours of continuing ed every 5 years, so far I have 85 hours accumulated and my five years are not up until 2020. I think I have that covered.
We have a storm drain out by the street and it was full of leaves. We filled 2 contractor bags and then had to rest. We watched football and took it easy the remainder of the day.  Monday brought a day of work,  and Tuesday was a trip to Stillwater to the VA for a Primary Care appointment and supplies at Walmart. Wednesday - was not much.  On Thursday, we went to Ponca City so that I could get a mammogram. We stopped at Smith's Furniture there and ordered us an adjustable bed - King size. We can't wait til it arrives - it also has massage.  Friday brought accounting and bill paying. Saturday and Sunday we walked around the square in our small town, because the weather was favorable. It has been very cold and sometimes windy. We have not received any moisture since last fall. We are in a drought here in Oklahoma. Monday, the 29th I worked again at the hospital and talked to Mike about how much advance notice he would need when I retire. After work, Steve and I grabbed a sandwich at Subway and went to the Jr. High Basketball games here in Perry. I have two great granddaughters from my first marriage who play on the 8th grade team. They played Hennessey, and my co-worker at the hospital has a boy on their team that we also watched play after the girls' game. We enjoyed it and plan to watch them play again on Thursday.
Today was another  good day. We drove to Oklahoma City and visited my sister in the nursing home and took her some goodies. Next we went to Tinker Air Force Base and bought some groceries at the commissary. We got home in time to eat at our favorite restaurant in Perry, La Macarena with Linda and Hazel! Lots of visiting when we get together.  OK that is it until  next time.
Don't forget: Plan for Your Vacation!

Me - Selfie

This is tonight's Full Moon, taken with my iPhone - not a great picture, but a wonderful reminder of the beauty of the moon.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Well the New Year Came and I Got Way Behind

I left you all back in 2017 and now it is 2018!  Sorry about that. It seems I get behind really fast. I either have nothing to write or I am bored or I get busy. So many reasons to get behind. It's really hard to justify these reasons when I am only working one day per week!
We made it into the new year in both eastern and central time.  New Year's Day we watched the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl Football game - OU got beat by Georgia. Our supper included steak, fries, black-eyed peas (for luck) and cornbread! Tuesday, we went out for our usual supper with Linda and Hazel.  Wednesday - we drove to Stillwater and went to Staples, Schlotzky's and Walmart for shopping. We were getting in the mood to accomplish things - so we took down the tree and put away the inside decorations! Friday, I was back at work to help out.  The week-end brought football, naps and two nice walks.

Monday, the 8th of January I returned to work. Tuesday - was supper out with the girls. We were home both Tuesday and Wednesday and didn't do much. Thursday, we made our weekly trip to Stillwater and went to Walmart for groceries and Belk to look at a few things for Steve.  Friday we had lunch at home and made hotel reservations in Amarillo for the following week. We are heading out to see Steve's sister for her birthday.  We will just drive the pickup and leave the RV winterized here at home. We did buy a new battery for the RV (Starting battery). We also started planning a trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas for March.  Saturday and Sunday - we got out and walked both days! We watched football, did accounting and other routine tasks.

Monday the 15th rolled around and I returned to work. We weren't too busy, so that was good. I finally feel like I am officially over the cold/bronchitis I had from before Christmas. It is nice to feel better. Today  (Tuesday) I did a few errands, including renewing my LLC. I also started packing for Amarillo. We called about an RV lot in Montana, near St. Regis - this may be in our future. Well more fun is coming our way!  Hang on!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas and Happy New Year's

Well I left this blog about the 19th of December - just before Christmas. We made a trip to Stillwater to get the Christmas groceries. What a chore! But so glad we can afford to buy what we want! That is nice. Thursday the 21st, I returned to Enid for work and lunch out with my sister Pam. That was nice! I also did a little more looking around, at Eskimo Joe's (no luck), Dillard's (2 shirts) and Penney's (nothing).
Friday rolled around and I checked on my sister Nancy - she is still in the Select Specialty Hospital in OKC - so we got some  stuff for her and took it to her for a little pre-Christmas cheer. Then we were really brave and went to the mall. We didn't buy anything but a little supper and we just people watched.  Sometimes that is fun!

Saturday, the 23rd of December I was struck with the Christmas Crud - Yes, I got sick and stayed sick all through Christmas! In fact I am still not well.  Kristi  and the kids arrived Saturday evening and we had a nice pot of soup. Sunday, Steve and I were on the road to have Christmas Eve with my sister Pam and her family in Enid. The kids stayed home and baked Santa cookies.  On Christmas day we opened our many presents and watched the kids open their presents. Then we cooked Christmas dinner and basically took it easy - and Steve joined me on the sick list.  Also - Kristi was starting to feel sick. She and Austyn returned to El Reno and Logan stayed with us.

Paige & Nancy
Pam & Nancy


On Tuesday - the 26th, I went to work and charted on 7 patients but did not visit them - because I was too sick. I then left work, filled my car with gasoline and headed home. When I arrived everyone loaded up in my car and I drove Steve to the Stillwater VA clinic. Even though he had an appointment, we were there about 2 hours. Then we got a voucher for a Z-Pack to pick up at Food Pyramid. Then a short stop at the Walmart Market for a few more supplies to fight off this sickness.
We all stayed home on Wednesday and everyone griped at me to go to the doctor - so I got an appointment for Thursday in Ponca City, with my doctor. And a return trip to Walmart for a prescription and more supplies.

Friday the 29th of December - it was Steve's birthday (57) and since none of us felt too great - we stayed home and rested. I did make him a chocolate pie. Saturday brought more rest and recuperation.
And today, the 31st of December - we went to Oklahoma City and ate at Texas Roadhouse to celebrate his birthday with Kristi and the kids.  Logan returned to his mom and the kids will go back to school on Wednesday.
Steve and I returned home and napped and watched football. We will ring in the New Year here at home! Hopefully in better health!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December, The Holiday Month

On the 1st of December, a Friday - we got to stay home.  Steve put a pump in the ice maker and we caught up with our bookkeeping and bill paying. My sister Nancy was transferred to Select Specialty Hospital in OKC - a Long Term Acute Hospital.  Saturday, we decided the pump on the ice maker was not working so we went to Stillwater. At Lowe's, we bought a new ice maker and  a garbage disposal. In addition, we went shopping with stops at Best Buy, Academy Outdoors, Schlotzky's for lunch and Walmart. This pretty much did us in!
Sunday, when I called Nancy, she told me they took out her feeding tube and she had a low heart rate about 3:30 AM.  Steve & I whiled away our day watching Football and paying a few more bills. On Monday the 4th, I went to work again. It was actually kind of nice to go to work and do something different. Tuesday, we got up early and went to the VA in OKC for Steve's annual appointment with the SCI clinic. This is the door decoration made by the SCI clinic Nurses - It is a bedpan and urinal bottles to make a reindeer head! CUTE!

Then we visited Nancy at her hospital. We had lunch at Panera Bread and then returned home. We had our usual supper with Linda & Hazel at La Macarena. Wednesday's chores included getting a new tag for my car mailing Christmas cards to Steve's sisters and making a batch of chili. Nancy had more progress in her recovery. Thursday we went back to Stillwater to Lowe's and got a different ice maker - the 1st one didn't work. We also got some stuff to work on the front door - because it doesn't close tight and of course we went to Walmart to pick up medicine and other stuff. Friday we returned to OKC to the VA for another appointment and visited Nancy, then we returned home to rest.
Saturday and Sunday were kind of lazy days, we watched football, napped, cooked and walked around the square. Steve installed the new Garbage Disposal.
When Monday rolled around, I returned to work and Steve worked on the front door plus he did laundry and vacuumed the floor. Tuesday we went back to Lowe's for more stuff to fix the front door, then we ate lunch at Schlotzkys and did a round at Walmart.  We ate supper at La Macarena with Hazel - Linda had a program to go to so did not eat with us. Wednesday we had to go back to Stillwater and get a different doorknob kit at Lowe's! Yes again - many trips to Lowe's for these items we needed to repair stuff around here. I mailed out Christmas Cards and a gift card to my sister, Marsha. On Thursday, I got up a little earlier than usual and went to Thorn's (a flower & gift shop) here in Perry - for their 50% off sale. Boy we did good - lots of presents bought at half price! We got our Christmas Tree up and decorated. I made Orange Chicken for supper and also checked in on my sister Nancy.

Friday was busy wrapping presents! After that we did our bank statements and I started going through my picture/card drawer. I want to figure out some way to organize them.

Saturday we went to OKC/Yukon and did some more Christmas Shopping and attended Austyn's Dance Recital.

We also went by and visited my sister.
Sunday we watched Football, did laundry and caught up our bookkeeping again. ( I think I see a pattern here! LOL)
Monday the 18th I returned to work and then came home and napped. Tuesday, I slept in and then worked out the Christmas Menu and grocery shopping list! Another chore. I re-typed my Christmas Address labels on the correct template to match my labels. I ordered a couple more things from Amazon! I was happy because we found my electronic picture frame - now I can load some pictures on it and watch them more frequently. We did clean out some of the cabinets in the kitchen and got rid of some junk!  Progress is great. We also ate supper at La Macarena with Linda and Hazel and exchanged presents!
Now the Blog is caught up for awhile! Yea!
Picture of me and my sisters (taken about 18 years ago)!

Me on the left, then Marsha, Nancy & Pam
This is my Mom, who we lost in 2002. This was taken when she turned 80.

Sometimes the Holidays make us a little melancholy when we remember our loved ones who have passed on before us. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

It Was a Wild Ride Through November

I left off last month with Steve having an appointment at the VA Hospital with the surgery group. The appointment took a while.  First we saw a nurse who took Steve's vitals, then resident doctors, then their supervisor. Finally we saw the surgeon who would perform the surgery.  The neat thing was that they did all the pre-surgery labs, chest X-ray and EKG on the same floor.  We also met with the anesthesiologist. We left and were to return the next morning before 8:00 AM.  Also they had a cancellation - so he got to have surgery the very next day.  In a way he got very lucky!
We left bright and early on November 2, 2017 (Friday) and arrived about 8:07 AM. They got Steve in an outpatient surgery room and started an IV and asked more questions. There was a constant parade of people through. They finally took him into surgery about 11:30. They called us about 12:30 and said surgery was completed - he only had one hernia to be repaired. It took a long time for him to get fully awake and get out of recovery.  He came back to an outpatient surgery room about 3:30 PM, Kristi left us about 6:00 PM. Steve still had not been able to to pee - then he got a bad pain - bladder scan showed he now had enough fluid in his bladder that he should be able to pee.  They ended up having to have a catheter inserted and that was very painful.  We got to leave about 8:15 and arrived home about 9:30 PM. We spent the next three nights in the living room - Steve in his recliner and me on the couch. This made it easier for him get around. 
We returned back to the VA on Monday and Steve got his catheter out. Woo Hoo! And I did not go to work this day either. He was starting to improve. We spent the next few days resting and letting him build back up. 
On Tuesday the 7th of November - our back toilet backed up and we could not get it to clear. So we called the plumber and they said they would call the next day and let us know when they would arrive. We also tried to snake it out ourselves. NO luck. Then Wednesday rolled  around nothing from the plumber, so I called them and they said they would not be able to get to it this week. Then we called another plumber who promised to be there Thursday before noon.
Well of course when noon arrived, there was no plumber. So I called him and he said he would be here by about 3:00 PM. That time rolled around and no show. Finally he called and said he was on his way.  He got here about 4:00 and plunged the stool and it cleared1 He only charged us $50.00. We were fine with that!
Friday the 10th of November found us at Lowe's in Stillwater, had lunch at Chick Fillet and made a trip through Walmart. Saturday and Sunday were spent resting and watching football.
Monday the 13th of November, I went to work in Enid and then to a jewelry party at my Sister's. Tuesday I returned to Enid for a doctor appointment (female) and bought new walking shoes.
I was able to walk at the YMCA 4 days in a row this week and we just putzed around the house up through Saturday.
On Sunday, my sister Nancy went to the Hospital in Oklahoma City - she was in ICU on a vent - wow this was so unexpected and scary.
Steve and I did our run to Walmart and watched some football. My other sister who lives in Enid  and I planned out a strategy so that we could visit Nancy on Monday.
So Monday brought work and a drive to OKC then returned home and JC met us in Perry and we all ate supper and he took Pam home.
Tuesday, Steve & I got our hair worked on at Linda's (beauty shop) and ate supper with her later. The doctor taking care of Nancy called and updated us on her condition.
Kristi and the Kids came to our house Tuesday evening.
On Wednesday - I called to check on Nancy and she was stable on the vent- no real changed to report.
We had a good supper and prepared to go to my Niece's house in Bartlesville for Thanksgiving, the next day.
Thursday - we drove to Bartlesville (2 hours one way) and had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner and took lots of family pictures.
On Friday, the 24th of November - Steve and I and the grandkids went to OKC to see Nancy. We also went by the nursing home and  saw her roommate - this has been a very sad and difficult time.
Saturday, a neurologist called and stated Nancy was not responding to the IV Immunoglobulin Treatment for her Myasthenia Gravis. Again I was very upset and scared and worried.  We decided to put up the outside Christmas lights to get our minds on something else and the grandkids were great help.
On Sunday the 26th - we met Kristi at Guthrie and had lunch at the Pizza Hut. The kids returned home with her. Steve and I went back to OKC to see Nancy - she is still on the vent and sedated.  The doctors are wanting us to make some decisions.
My sisters and I mulled this over and slept poorly Sunday night.  Nancy did not have an advance directive or any expression of her wishes. So we agreed that she would want to be a DNR and be kept comfortable.
Monday rolled around and Steve and I went to talk to the doctors to discuss this decision with them. Well the hospitalist and the pulmonologist talked to us and said since she had no advance directive and no medical power of attorney that they would take her off sedation (while still being ventilated) and ask her what her wishes were. They did this and she answered their questions. She did not want off the vent and did not want to be a DNR. So, actually this taking her off sedation really helped her in the long run, because then she started doing more breathing on her own and by 4:45 PM she was able to be taken off the ventilator and be on bi-pap.
What a troubling day. So glad she improved and got off the vent.
Tuesday was spent at home recovering from this emotional roller coaster.
On Wednesday the 29th, we went back to Enid to be with my sister Pam - because her husband had to have a kidney stone removed.
On Thursday the 30th of November - we went back to Oklahoma City and spent time actually visiting with Nancy about 3 hours. She was able to talk and they were trying to decide where to send her for further recuperation.
Finally this month is over and we are looking forward to December! We hope everyone stays well!