Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - Move to Salt Creek Rec Area

Today is moving day - During our walk I took a picture of the signs at the entrance to this RV Park! One says: Welcome "Best RV Park by a DAM Site" - Now of course the dam has been removed to make this a wild river - and the restore the Salmon run.
The other sign when is hard to read in the photo says: DramaFreeZone!
While we walked the dogs we took a picture of the Elwha Dam Info Center. I really didn't get to read much about it because there were people there and our dogs were crazy.
We drove separately, sine we were only moving about 12 miles. Easy Peasy--We were greeted by 5 deer when we arrived. They were not in the least fazed by the people at the park. We pulled over and toured the campground to find our site that we had reserved online (#17) and it was occupied - no problem, they have until noon to move out!
Then we backed into our site and barely fit (37' with 8' overhang). But we did it. We are only here for one night and we were able to get Dish! Yea and a beautiful view of the bay out the front window of the RV.
There is lots of activity here. It does have great places to walk and get away from people also. We checked out the WW II Bunkers thatwere here - interesting.
We enjoyed looking at the coast, it is so interesting.

August 7, 2017 Hurricane Ridge and Medication

The first order of business today was to order my meds at Walmart in Port Angeles and find out when they would be ready to pickup. I also talked with Hazel about sending mail and Steve's meds to us in Chehalis when we get there - There is a narrow window of time and they have to be sent Fed Ex or UPS. Every park is different. Not all will let you have packages sent. Some want it sent a certain way -- something you just deal with. Ask questions before you have anything sent! Then we headed out for our drive up to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park (NP). It was a nice drive but smoky - so we can't really see the beauty. I check out the visitor center and we got T-shirts. Then we started back down the mountain. We stopped at a pullout and let the dogs check things out -- saw a waterfall, flowers, and the mountain (Smoky) and a strange tree.
In the last smoky mountain picture - if you look hard - you will see snow on the mountains in the distance. This smoke has sure been hard on our pictures! Next we stopped at a couple of places in town looking for some hardware - no luck. Then to Walmart to pick up my meds and supplies. Well, they weren't all ready - one didn't go through. So I called Walmart in Stillwater, they will put in it the data base - give it 10-15 minutes to show up. So I told that to the pharmacy tech - she said she will get on it. Then I wandered around Walmart and got our stuff, checked back - oh, she forgot to look - she'll get it in. OK --- The other meds are ready so I decided to get them and go check out. Then I will come back later for the prescription. I got checked out, told Steve the plan. He agreed and we decided to go back to the RV. When we got out of the parking lot - guess what? I got a text message that the last medication is ready! Back to Walmart and I picked it up. Then Steve went in to Walmart to use the Restroom - by this time we needed ice cream, so we got that and returned to the RV. We took it easy after putting away our groceries. Tonight we had a nice campfire with burgers and S'mores - then bed.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Monday, August 7.2017 Headed Northwest Again

Today we left McChord AFB near Lakeview WA.
We went through Olympia - the capitol of Washington and We could see the dome but I never got a decent shot of it to share. We went south on I-5 and got on WA 101 on the Olympic Peninsula. It was a slow drive -- a scenic route and we also stopped the RV and had lunch and a nap.
I take these photos along the drive usually right out the window of the RV with my iPhone. So some are not great -but it gives you a sense of the wonderful journey we are on.
This tree is called a Madrone tree. It has a very unique look.
Steve calls these - Giant Marshmallows! We arrived at Elwha Dam RV Park in Port Angeles about 6:00 PM. The people in the office were very nice and the park is really pretty with lots of flora and fauna. We got set up and then drove into Port Angeles. We saw a deer with two fawns right in a church parking lot.
We found the road to go to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park for tomorrow. We toured the port downtown and saw some big ships!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Staying at the FamCamp

Thursday - August 3, 2017 Today we got up and did the routine walks etc. Then Steve & I went to the BX and Commissary. We came back to the RV and rested - Shopping is tiring! I fixed supper (Soft Tacos), we did laundry and walked. Our main entertainment here has been watching planes take off and land! Again -I got in my 10,000 steps!
Friday, August 4, 2017 We walked, watched airplanes and movies. We toured the outside plane display, but didn't take any pictures of those. The dogs love it here - this is a great place to walk them and fewer people here to make them go crazy! That part makes us really happy too!
Saturday, August 5, 2017 Today we took a long walk around the perimeter of the Famcamp to avoid a dog that was not on a leash. We then went and met Donna and Larry for lunch at the Black Bear Diner. We had a great visit about our travels, their travels, and Thirty-One. We met them when we volunteered at Farragut in 2015. Larry was in the Air Force also and they have told us a few nice places to go. After that we came back to the RV and watched airplanes. They are having a mobility exercise this week-end and there are lots of planes taking off and landing, quite entertaining! We also went to a little memorial park on base and Steve took some pictures of small airplanes there while I walked the dogs.
Sunday, August 6, 2017 Today we did the same thing! Walk, watch movies, watch planes. I did fill the medication dispenser also.
We did some pre-prep for travel tomorrow! We head to Olympic National Park! We will be back ing sight-seeing mode! These are the only bears we have seen here and on our trip!