Monday, July 16, 2018

July 9 - July 15, 2018 Trying to Catch Up!

Monday, July 9th was sunny and hot. The high was 88 degrees. The RV air conditioner isn't working quite right. It is not cooling adequately.  The breakers keep popping off. We talked to a mobil RV tech and he suggested we try new breakers. We did our usual chores and also went and checked on the Bigfork Access. We stopped at NAPA to get brake fluid so Steve could bleed the brakes on the pickup.  Tony, our supervisor called to check on us and see how we did over the week-end. My sister Marsha called and we visited. I tried to educate four teen boys about staying off the dock. It worked for a little bit, then they were back on it. I returned and talked to them again, then the dad to some of them pulled up and said "they are boys".  Boy, I wish I could think of witty remarks.  Just because they are boys doesn't mean they can be on the dock. Oh well, we have no authority - so that is all. I just walked away.  I had told them I could call the ranger and they could be banned.  Absolutely no-one reads the posted signs!

Tuesday I helped Steve bleed the brakes on the pickup. This consisted of me sitting in the driver's seat and pushing on the brake. We did this after our regular chores.  I also talked to Pam today. I again told someone about not swimming by the dock and boat ramp - but they didn't move far.  Later we drove to Kalispell to look for breakers for the RV air conditioner.  We tried Lowe's and Home Depot - no luck. Then we picked up supper at McDonald's and enjoyed our drive back to the RV.
Blooming bush I like!

sunset on the road 
Geese blocking the causeway road
Wednesday we got up early and did our chores. Then we went to Bigfork to Sliters Hardware. They did not have the breakers we need - so we drove back towards Kalispell and we stopped at Gardner RV. They had what we needed, so we bought them and came back to the RV. Steve installed the breakers and we took a nap.  We also drove up the Strawberry Lake road and walked the nature trail and the road. It was about 5 degrees cooler there in the forest.  This is Zoey and the bottom of a large tree!

Thursday the 12th of July - we did our chores and went to the Laundry. While we were headed to town, Marsha called and said Nancy had been sent back to the hospital Emergency Room. So we talked about that and talked to Pam also.  Found out later that the hospital had sent her back to the Nursing Home.  While we were doing laundry - a 4 year old child ran out into the street and was hit by a pickup with a camper. We read later that she was stable at the hospital in Kalispell. Such scary things happen and everyone should hug their loved ones! Steve & I both got haircuts at a salon next to the laundry. They were really needed because we were getting shaggy.
Two ducks on the Lake 
 Later that evening on our walk we saw 3 deer.  We really enjoy seeing the wildlife!

Friday was basically the same. Steve did a little weed eating while I picked up the trash.  I checked with Camping World about the air conditioner repair we had done before we left Oklahoma.  We had a circuit board replaced and that was April 2nd.  We talked to the mobil RV Tech and made an appointment for him to come down Monday and evaluate the situation.

Sunset from 2 different spots - Echo Lake
Saturday brought a repeat of the walks and chores. It was a hot afternoon. We tried to stay cool and took a nap. This area is finally heating up and that is when our air conditioner goes on the fritz, of course!
Nice Boat! Oklahoma State  Colors!
Sunday, July 15th we got up early and did our walking and chores. The morning air is about 65 degrees and perfect for being outside. You can feel the coolness on your bare skin. We finished about 8:45 and headed to Kalispell for groceries at Walmart. Even though we had made trips to Kalispell, we had not bought groceries. We bought gas there, then went to Walmart. The Walmart experience was much better than the previous one. It was not so busy!  We need to come early in the morning every time.  It had been almost 2 weeks since we bought groceries-so we did good.  Sometimes we fill in a few items in Bigfork at Harvest Foods.  We got back to the RV at 11:30, well before my self-imposed deadline of Noon. I fixed us a hamburger and fruit for lunch. The rest of the day we worked on staying cool.

Morning Mountains with Hay

Canola field near Creston, MT

We saw this unique RV when were were leaving Kalispell!  Pretty neat!

July 2, 2018 through July 8 2018 What's going on around here?

Monday, the 2nd of July ended up being rainy. We did all our regular chores plus we went to Bigfork and took care of that fishing access site also. Our friends Martina & Jim from California were in the area and we met up with them for supper. We had a great visit and it was so nice to see them again. We became acquainted with them in 2015 when we volunteered at Farragut State Park.  We ate at the Sitting Duck. The food was pretty good and we would go back. But the best part was visiting with friends.  I didn't get a picture - dumb me.
Deer we saw on our walk
Evening at Echo Lake
Tuesday, the 3rd of July we did our chores and then went to Walmart. Wow was it packed! Of course it was social security payday and also everyone was getting their supplies for the 4th of July.  We survived!  We also went by the FWP office and turned in our volunteer time sheets.

Wednesday the 4th of July we put up our sign on the dock about no jumping and swimming by the dock or boat ramp. Steve bought some metal tape and we attached it good! Our manager, Tony came by just before noon and checked out the parking lot and hung out about 30 or 45 minutes. Today the Game Warden, Justin was also here from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  His presence really helped keep things in line I think. We also took a nap.  There were lots of people here enjoying the holiday!
Mountain Bluebells (possibly)
4th of July outfit we observed
Thursday, July 5th was also very busy. Lots of people were here.  We did routine stuff and monitored the boat ramp.

Friday after we did our chores we drove up to Kalispell and went to Snoopy's (sporting goods store) and Steve got some new shoes. I got sport sandals. We also went to Cabella's, but they did not have the shoes I wanted.  In addition, I had to pick up my medicine at Walmart. We also saw a deer on our walk this morning, but the picture isn't that great with the phone, so I didn't include it.
There is a rodeo in Bigfork this week-end

Canola Field on the way to Kalispell
Saturday, the 7th was the same routine in the morning, walk, chores, lunch.  This place was packed and very busy again today.  To get away from the crowds, we went to the Fish Hatchery at Creston. It was quiet and peaceful. By the time 9:30 arrived we were down one car in the parking lot. Yea!

Sundown at Echo Lake
Sunday- again the same routine in the morning!  It was sunny and warm.  After noon we drove up to Lake Five to see the other place where there is an FWP camp host. We still like the place we are best. This is a beautiful lake and a convenient setting.
More Huckleberry Ice Cream!

Lake Five Host Site
Lake Five

Thursday, July 5, 2018

June 25 through July 1, 2018 Catching Up

I am never quite sure how this happens, but when we are staying in the same place - blogging doesn't seem to be so important.  Anyway we have been doing our routine things daily. In addition, We put a a no fireworks sign and re-hung the no swimming or jumping off the dock sign (2 times now) . This will be Steve's focus this summer - the dock sign!

On Monday, the 25th the sewer truck came and cleaned out our sewer and the latrine here at the fishing/boating access.

Finley Point State Park RV Site
On Tuesday, the 25th I found out that my sister Nancy was back in the hospital (SW Integris - OKC) and we drove to Finley Point State Park. We wanted to explore that state park because we had considered hosting there this summer. We are very happy that we have the spot we are in now.  We picked up a pizza on our way home.

Host Sites Finley Point

Finley Point - Host site

Marina At Finley Point SP

Cherry Orchard

Flathead Cherry Orchard

Flathead Lake
Flathead Lake
Flathead Lake

Wednesday, the 27th we got a visit from our manager - Tony.  He thought everything was doing OK.  I took a nap and we ate at the Flathead Brewery. I got a Caesar Salad with chicken and Steve got a burger. His burger looked awesome! My salad was so so - the chicken tasted OK but looked like rubber - definitely no grill marks.  If we go there again - I will order a burger.

Thursday after we did our usual chores we did the laundry and paid some bills and emptied our holding tanks. Later that day we drove to Strawberry Lake Trailhead. The hike has a lot of elevation gain, so we did not head up the mountain.  But there was a beautiful clear stream there and a neat little bridge we went across.

Friday, the 29th of June was pretty cool. The temperature was 56-60 degrees and it was overcast most of the day. It got a little windy so we rolled up the awning.  The dust control people were out to do their thing.

Saturday it rained a lot.  It was gloomy and overcast all day. It rained a lot! Steve was able to weed eat some. We didn't have many people here at Echo Lake.  Sunday was basically a repeat, except I also had a nap! Martina, a friend from Farragut and her guy Jim were in the neighborhood. They have been in Montana vacationing. So we made a tentative plan to get together and eat out and visit.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday, June 18 through Sunday June 24, 2018 Jewel Basin

On Mondays - we try to do a bang up job after the week-end. We cleaned the latrine, picked up trash and did our regular chores. We also did laundry and dumped our black and gray tanks (RV).  Then we walk and sit under the awning and watch the boaters, swimmers, fishermen, and floaters. This can be quite entertaining!

Add caption
Tuesday we also did chores and Steve did some weed eating. Then we packed our backpack with snack, water, bug spray and bear spray and drove up to Jewel Basin. This is a place that you get to by driving up the forest road to near the top of the mountain. Our elevation here is around 3,000 feet, but  where we went to on the mountain was 5,500 feet. It was also cool up there. The snow had not melted. We did not get all the way to the ranger station at Jewel Basin due to the snow pack on the road. We will try again in a couple of weeks. There were lots of cars up there and no place for us to walk. We we drove back down a bit and got our dogs out. There were chipmunks there that drove Zoey insane!  She loves hunting! We drove further back down the mountain and walked the dogs some more, but we got  tired and decided to start back to the RV.
Flathead Valley 
Flathead Valley


Zoey Hunting
 Wednesday we did the usual but also dumped our sewer again because we thought it smelled. Steve also checked the air vent on top of the RV - it was OK. We defrosted the freezer. Steve started working on re-stringing the blinds.
Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey we saw on our walk


Thursday we went did the chores then dropped off the trash on the way to Kalispell. In Kalispell we stopped at Gardner RV to get stuff to work on the blinds, then went to K-Mart (didn't buy anything), the next stop was lunch at McDonald's. We just wanted something quick. Then we got some rope at Lowe's to make a little barrier around our site so people won't walk through it. Next place was Walmart!  That is always fun. It was overcast when we left Bigfork , but the sun was out at Kalispell.. I think we are close enough to the Swan Mountain Range that it makes its own weather.

Hanging Flower Baskets in Kalispell
Friday was again overcast in the morning and then sunny! After chores and weed eating we went to Bigfork.  Hazel sent us some mail, and I needed to check the Fishing Access there. We also picked up chips and salsa for our supper of soft tacos.
Steve weed eating

Saturday  - it rained all day! Gloomy! Steve worked on blinds. We walked very little, I napped and read my book. I also helped Steve with the blinds (against my better judgement). He is finally happy with the one above the couch, Now he wanted to re-do the blind over the table. What fun! This is not something we enjoy, but it needed done.

Sunday the place was very busy! It was sunny and we had lots of boaters, swimmers, fishermen, paddlers and so on. The game warden came by and did some education about lifejackets with the folks here. He wanted some positive interaction. He handed out boating regs and talked to some folks. I don't think he gave out any citations. It was nice that he was here because it makes people behave!

Rope around our site
We have such a beautiful place to stay for the summer. We really can't believe how lucky we are to be in this special site.
I got my fitbit report today and we walked over 70,000 steps last week! Woo Hoo! We are working on trying to get our activity level up.